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Many medical practices strive to provide patients with comfortable, professional facilities, but then lose that professional appearance by giving patients forms to complete that have been copied so many times that they can barely be read. Kathy can help you design efficient, attractive, user friendly, forms in a format that works for your office – WordPerfect, Microsoft Word, or PDF. Get the paper form, plus the electronic file so that you can do future updates yourself and save money! See how much updating those tired, old forms will add to your office’s professional appearance!

Are you a medical staff office with the need for development of new credentialing and privileging forms? Kathy has experience with core privileges as well as traditional privilege lists and will work with you and your medical staff officers in developing the right privileging tool for your medical staff.


  • Do we really need this form? Why?

  • Who will be completing the form?

  • Who will be using the completed form?

  • Are we collecting all the data we need?

  • Are we collecting data we don't (or won’t) use?

  • Can we populate the form with existing data and provide a means to update as needed?

  • Will a signature line be necessary?

  • Will this replace a current form?

  • Will it be necessary to provide instructions?

  • What will be the length of retention for this form? Will it be archived? If so, how. If it will be destroyed, how? Does the current records retention policy address the form?

  • What format will the form take (image, Microsoft Word file, WordPerfect, Adobe pdf, or html?

  • Will the user have the option of completing the form electronically?


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